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The Body Resurrected Series

The immortal life in body, mind and spirit

**Please note: We are in the process of making all recordings available in mp3 format. Please check back!

Alternative Realities

Listening to the creative part of you will tell you what to believe and what not to believe. Most of the time you can go a little bit further than "the norm." Challenge everything! Even the scriptures. Go deeper. Find the truth. We're not linear...we're spiraling. There is always much more! 60 min.

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Decide to Be Joyous/The First Wave

Decide To Be Joyous (Side One), The First Wave (Side Two)

A declaration of a new humanity as the starseeds remember and take their places in the new world community of light and love. "In order to carry the light body and walk this resurrection plane, this new dimension, we must be constantly and consistently joyous." Also, direction on right-use of kundalini. "You are not a victim of kundalini rising. You are the instructor. You are the commander." 60 min.

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Emergence of the GodSelf

The Voice of Sanat Kumara, Ancient of Days, receives Earth into the Light, "I have restored the planet to light. She is requalified in light...Now that I have opened the doors to light, the light will come in." This is a call to the GodSelf to emerge in the frequency of light. This is a call for the Seven Children Under the Son to say, "Amen!" Crystal talks about the evolution of humanity as well as all creation on side 2. 60 min.

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Entrance of the Mother

A June 25th announcement through the World Mother Center. A shift of awareness. Registering The Mother as divine consciousness in you. 60 min.

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Healing of the Body

The blessed beauty of the self shines forth as the realized consciousness. Loving your self, loving your body. Loving and communicating with the cell-life that make-up your body. Side "B" is a guided meditation into self-healing and agreement with your Source. 60 min.

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Introduction to the University of Melchizedek

A really excellent summary of the Melchizedek Teachings through this University. It pulls it all together for you from A to Z. 60 min.

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Living in the Fifth Dimension

A time of renewal. A time of rebirth. This is the Fifth Dimension where the Creative Power obeys the Word, where the Presence is your presence and your life, where the heart is open and unafraid, where there is no death and all is peace. 60 min.

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The Master Speaks

A concrete message taken from the five day seminar here at the World Mother Center in Virginia: A Session with Saint Germain. Recommended to anybody interested in The Ascension, in overcoming the mortal sense, in the new dimension of Creator Intelligence, I AM. 60 min.

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The New Humanity

Rebirth signals new life. What is it? Who are you? The Teachers of the Light call you to Their side to speak as angels speak and to wear the robes of light and of immortality. More is released here as to direct manifestation. The message of abundance is loud and clear in the Melchizedek life I AM. 60 min.

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The Released Presence of God

A beautiful tape proclaiming oneness, the absolute reality of Be-ing. Side "B" of this tape reveals the Consciousness of The Mother and also explains the Office of the World Mother. 60 min.

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The Resurrected Way

From the 1994 Easter Seminar, "I AM the place within you that is sacred. And I AM ready to emerge as you." Skywalking with Master K.H. and all the angels of Light and Love that wish you well. Side "B" has a very good section on Supply. 60 min.

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The Road to Ascension

This selection is taken from I Corinthians 15. The Apostle Paul's instruction to the initiate from Jesus. New light is shed on the words of Paul as he speaks of immortality and the "corruptible" and "incorruptible body." You will find scriptural support here for the introduction of a new body which has been christened "the body of light". 60 min.

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Walk in Opulence/New Day

Part 1 sends a clear message to the subconscious mind through decrees that vibrate the peace and power of the I AM Presence. If you have any hesitation about "claiming your good," this selection is recommended. Part 2 offers guidance on building group energy. 60 min.

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We Are Suns Arisen

Reclothed with the Sun in the Risen Christ, you, too, may walk without death in a body immortal. As the Christ Record is given by Crystal, according to the Office of Melchizedek, you will read your own freedom through these records. It is a glorious announcement! "I AM cutting away all bonds to the lower vehicle. You would be well advised to keep your attention on the light within your heart and mind." 60 min.

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