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The Easter Series

From the Easter Seminar (1995)

**Please note: We are in the process of making all recordings available in mp3 format. Please check back!

Recording One - Easter Letter From Sananda/Harvest of the Soul

Easter Letter from Sananda (Side One) An important message delivered through the Vibration of Sananda, our Planetary Prince. He tells us, "The human condition as we have experienced it in third dimension on planet Earth is over. It is completely over. It is finished and done." He tells us of a new life and a new dimension.

Harvest of the Soul (Side Two) The process of returning to Spirit and raising the soul into light. A spiritual psychology lesson. Most helpful! 30 min. total

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Recording Two - So - Here We Are

Lots of laughter in this one. But it also has its serious side as a warning is given to stay with the light, aid Earth in her transition, love and respect all life in oneness. Earth Mother Consciousness speaks a message of love and light and reminds us all of why we are here. 60 min.

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Recording Three - Descent of the Madonna Ray

This is planetary resurrection is firmly announced. The blessed Madonna Ray descends, the purest of the pure, the whitest of the white, and brings new revelation. Her penetration into Earth raises Earth into a new place. The Madonna explains, "I want her (Earth) resurrected now in Me that she might be the new life of the Mother come to Earth to plant her seed of light and love." 30 min.

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Recording Four - All About the Presence

"Harness the mind energies. And this we must do. This we are called to do as the God beings we are after the order of Melchizedek. The model was Jesus. He didn't say he was channeling. He said, I AM." A good alignment tape. The GodSelf is I AM. Be where you need to Be now. 60 min.

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Recording Five - Sananda's Voice/The Last Enemy

Sananda's Voice (Side One): Consciousness of Sananda speaking to dedicate a new world. A vibratory tone of His presence is heard throughout the tape. The command was sounded: "Let the name of Sananda ring out, the purity of His name be heard as the wave is released of Divine Presence by order of His name to cover this Earth."

The Last Enemy (Side Two): Crystal reads a short portion from the book The Last Enemy, published by this University. Sananda/Jesus interjects at times, speaking about His resurrection, the process of resurrection and His message for NOW. This is very important. I consider it mandatory for all who wish to understand the resurrection and ascension and the vibratory support of the Master. 60 minutes total.

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