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The Melchizedek Practitioner

A Master Course in Healing Consciousness

Alignment with the Inner Voice is essential. The Creative Power, action of the Mother Spirit, rises to meet the Inner Voice and will respond immediately through the Christ Center of your own being. Saint Germain

The principles of the Melchizedek practitioner are developed here, as well as the consciousness of the priesthood of Melchizedek. In this course you will journey through your own being and receive greater truths than you have ever believed possible. You will confront the "devil" in you and let it go. You will cleanse and resurrect, so that you can hear My Voice and become one with Me as "I AM." The burdens will be lifted from your shoulders once and for all. You will learn to meditate correctly, see through the appearance and illusions of separation to the perfection of Being. You will build and not destroy. And you will learn how to encourage revelation. You will guide others into light and with them focus on the living Christ as the Center of All Being.

This is the first of its kind: a multi-dimensional course that will enhance your own life and enable you to become a healing consciousness after the Order of Melchizedek. The University will award you with a certificate of merit that declares you a practicing practitioner in the manner of Christ Jesus.

All lesson material will be monitored and graded by Crystal (Patricia Jepsen) and a thesis will be required upon conclusion. Your course will arrive in seven sections or degrees with a journal. The Melchizedek Practitioner course can be sent postal mail or by PDF and purchased through the University store. There is a requirement for this course: that you keep the schedule and stay with it until completed.

Cost is $300, plus a teacher fee of $30 per degree (US$210). Total cost for the course is $510. There is an additional fee for shipping and handling if ordered in printed format (non-PDF).

Because this course is being overseen by the Melchizedek Order, when you have completed the necessary requirements of this course, you will receive a Master's Degree.

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my first lesson material. I am gaining so much from it as I study it further.... - V.C., England
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