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Immortals, Come Home

Are You an Immortal?

I have recently been commissioned by Sananda to focus my attention on the teachings of immortal life and the building of this light energy field that will bring many to the overcoming of the death program. Many years ago I received a visitation from the Father God. His divine presence engulfed me and there was great feeling in His thoughts as He called me to walk the path of no death and living light. He said at the time that it was a desecration to His Son Jesus to continue to reject His gift of immortality and victory over death. He asked me to walk that path of liberation that I might honor His Beloved Son.

We are now--all who are Melchizedeks--to walk this ascended path of no death and realize that we are commissioned to do so. As we near Gaia's shift into a new dimension, a Creative Force emerges to help us know ourselves and apply our remembrance to reclaiming the light dimensions.

Are you an Immortal? Say to yourself, I AM AN IMMORTAL.
How does it feel? Is there a sense of truth in what you say?
Is it real to you?
A Melchizedek knows and will take up the banner
of this commitment now.

An Invitation to the Immortals

You are invited to sign in as an Immortal -- to put in writing on this Immortal web site that you are an Immortal. You walk the path of an Immortal and are declaring it now if you have not done so before.

And, if you would like to join the Gathering of the Immortals on this Melchizedek web page, send your name with or without a statement about why you know you are an Immortal and your web site and/or e-mail address.


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E-mail Address 

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Why do you know you are an Immortal? (optional)

We will begin the Gathering of Immortals right here. It is time. I believe with the Master Saint Germain, who is inspiring this declaration, that we will feel tremendous power of Great Light and Love as we take our places together as a family of Immortals on earth.

Yours in the Light,

Crystal (Patricia Jepsen Chuse)